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A good friend of ours, John, came to us with a new transactional website project. In fact, an unusual ecommerce site project. Not really the basic online store type. But rather a sales website for corporate packages and gift certificates for various events and “extreme” activities.

After analyzing the market and the main players in this sector. Our agency quickly determined the strategy to be deployed in order to grow in notoriety in this industry.

The challenge was to present a strong brand image that was representative of the target audience - 25 to 50 years old - and to make the purchasing process as simple as a conventional online store.




When conducting the competitive audit, we discovered that most competitors do not have a strong brand image and social media presence, nor do they advertise online.

How did we use this information to develop strategies to achieve the goals?

Our agency has designed a website that represents the brand and audience lifestyle, with impactful images headers and a visual list of product selection and driving users from the homepage level onwards to buying alternatives.


The site was built with WordPress and WooCommerce for the ability to extend the programming code and the flexibility. These Web platforms allow us to develop a WooCommerce Add-On to send securely by email the Gift Certificate to the buyer or guest after purchase.


We structured the site SEO friendly and added structured data to each product to make it appear in Google Shop listings. We leverage all the SEO tricks to make sure that the site would be referencing quickly as soon as it launches.


By adding the social sharing tools, we’d allow the user to share products and spread the word about the company! What about the best social media strategies to use? Our experts suggest using each channel differently and for each audience. As examples, Facebook tends to perform better conversion for the customers, while LinkedIn has better results for the corporate audience.

What added value services did we provide?


Ecommerce website development
SEO optimization
Social medias management
Conversion rate optimization


After nearly two months of work, John's new project was online. But the work was just beginning. We had to advertise it: Spread the World! After installing and configuring all the web analytics tools, Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console, we could see the first results.


E-commerce website case study

After only several weeks, we noticed a huge spark with the Page Views statistics. Around 200-400 per day!

Ephrem was able to meet our considerable demands on the website design while guiding us with solid advice on how to strategically represent ourselves online. The project was completed on time and under budget. We continue our relationship with Ephrem today as our strategy and company focus changes. They are able to anticipate our future needs and give us solid advice today for the future of our business. They are a “True” partner and one that recommend whole heartedly.

John Adams,
Président - NTS Corporation

Consultation marketing

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