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Optimizing the Web presence and awareness of a law firm

One of our partners referred us to a law firm that needed Web optimization and brand awareness. This firm also used another domain name for a blog. This strategy was set up to provide awareness from the blog to the main site, but it wasn't the case.


After auditing the two websites, we found that there were not enough backlinks did to the main site so that it could get the benefit of the notoriety of the content strategy implemented with the blog. The analysis of the positioning of the main site showed that the SERP positioning was very low. Since it is an important and high-profile firm, the firm website had to compete with major news website sites on the branded keywords.

How did we use this information to create strategies to achieve the goals?

First, we concluded that the combination of the high-value blog to the main site would result in increased organic traffic and better performance for the law firm's website. Coupled with a content strategy on social networks, these initiatives appeared to be the best marketing strategy to adopt.

How did our agency transform and improve the awareness of this client?

The first step was to migrate all the blog posts to the main site. Our team ensured that the migration was properly done and that the permalink structure was adjusted. The categories of the articles were modified to match those of the law firm's practice areas to reinforce the natural referencing.

To optimize the firm's online presence, our agency conducted targeted keyword research to optimize the site's natural referencing, notably by revising the HTML structure and metadata for optimal indexing in search engines. These keywords were also used to review and standardize the firm's profile descriptions on social networks and optimize the Google My Business page.

After these implementations, the next step was to define a social media publishing strategy and establish a writing procedure for articles to help their indexing. Until then, articles from the blog were not published on the firm's social networks, so the importance of implementing such a strategy was obvious. The goal of this strategy was to increase traffic from social channels to the firm's main website and to take advantage of the SEO benefits of the former blog.
Only one thing was missing. Install Google's tracking and analytics tools, including: Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. These tools allowed us to track and measure the statistics and results of our strategies.

What were the challenges of the implementation phase?

The initiative to migrate the blog posts was to make the firm's site benefit from the "Pagerank" and transfer the to the main site. During the implementation, the challenge was to ensure that all hyperlinks were properly setup. But, above all, to make sure to perform 301 redirects to take advantage of the natural referencing and the visibility of these new contents.

What added value services did we provide?

Web Optimization 
SEO Optimization
Social Medias Management
Web Analytics

What were the results?

In just three months, after having optimized the main website, improved the Google My Business page, migrated and integrated the blog articles, and deployed the content strategy on social networks.


6 / 10

Global PageRank


Organic Reach


Social Reach

For the past few years, we have been technically and strategically supporting this company in optimizing their website and online presence, in order to improve the website and the user experience based on the analysis of web statistics. In addition, we contribute to brand awareness by implementing and managing a content strategy on social networks and managing online advertising campaigns.

Daniel Ringuet
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